Jean-Louis DURRIEU
PhD Candidate at the TÚlÚcom ParisTech (a.k.a. ENST)

This website is about my PhD subject:

Automatic Transcription and Separation of the Main Melody in Polyphonic Music Signals.

My PhD defense is scheduled at 2pm, on Friday May 7th 2010 and will take place at TÚlÚcom ParisTech, in room B310. The address and ways to come to the school are described on this webpage. More details here.

I am interested in the following topics:
  • music transcription
  • musical audio source separation
  • non-negative matrix factorization (NMF)
You can find out more about my research on the publication section or on the (outdated) research section.

You can also directly access to the demo pages below:
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