Reading the Bogdanov’s

· Allgemein

I have just read “Le visage de Dieu”, by the Bogdanov brothers. Interesting! Although I would actually recommend the books by Stephen Hawking instead: they are less “oriented”.

Indeed, my feeling about this Bogdanov’s book is that, beyond the words, the authors try to infer that there is something (or more likely “someone”) behind the Big Bang. That s just a very diffuse feeling about it, though, I won’t develop more there… But I guess one should be warned about that!

And, frankly, I do not think their writing skills are so great – but who am I to judge my research fellows? At least, this book opened my mind to this field, the cosmological research. Maybe one day…

Edit (22/05/2011): Shortly after the Bogdanov’s, I came to read Stephen Hawking’s books (thanks, dad!). That probably is a much better choice to start with. Surprisingly, Hawking manages to be clearer, while saying much more and going much deeper into the implications of the theories that are around.

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