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Semester project for EPFL students

We propose a semester project for EPFL students on “Visual Cues for Computer Aided Pronunciation Training (CAPT)”, a collaboration between the LTS5 and SpeedLingua. See here for details.

HTKInPy, a python wrapper for HTK

Introduction I decided to write a wrapper for HTK, in order notably to be able to launch and use HTK to: Extract features, Train GMM/HMM’s, Classify/Recognize. This is the second time I am trying to use HTK. The first time, I mainly used the tutorial in order to get familiar with it. I ended up […]

Technical Interview: Parenthesis Problem

Problem Statement: I recently went through an interview process, for a software engineer position, during which the interviewer asked me to solve the following problem: Given N parenthesis, write a program that outputs all the valid parenthesis combinations. Explanations: Of course, for N odd, the program should output some error message. For N=2, the program […]

Making Vamp Plug-Ins (for Sonic Visualiser)

I have recently been developing some of my research topic into a Vamp Plug-In. On this page, I would like to share this (sometimes painful) experience. This is still work in progress, but in case the “work in progress” would take too long, I decided to publish it while writing it. That good enough for […]

Reading the Bogdanov’s

I have just read “Le visage de Dieu”, by the Bogdanov brothers. Interesting! Although I would actually recommend the books by Stephen Hawking instead: they are less “oriented”. Indeed, my feeling about this Bogdanov’s book is that, beyond the words, the authors try to infer that there is something (or more likely “someone”) behind the […]

Zelenka on

Some time ago, I saw that youtube movie of a guy playing music with himself (the piano and the drums). I thought, “why should I not try to play a trio-sonata for 2 oboes and a bassoon all by myself?” And there I recorded myself, with my alto saxophone and my oboe, the first trio-sonata […]

New 2010 article

We are trying to publish one last thing about my PhD work, with Gaël Richard and Bertrand David, at the forthcoming IEEE journal on selected topics on signal processing, in the “Music Signal Processing” special issue. Edit (22/05/2011): the article got accepted! only need to correct some details and package all the necessary sources!