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pyFASST released!

My latest implementation of the Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox (FASST – in Python is not available. It can be found on my github account: At the moment of writing, the EPFL git repository for pyFASST mirrors the same version. One can clone it with the following command (in a command line terminal, […]

Python/NumPy performance

When I bought my mac, during my PhD preparation, I decided not to install Matlab anymore, for various reasons: first, there are free and open source softwares that advantageously replace Matlab, and second, because I wanted to check whether these alternatives were viable in academic research. In this article, I want to explore (and share) my experience in replacing a precise point in Matlab, which is the MEX-file mechanism. How do I create extensions for Python/NumPy or Octave, to make the computations faster? If I can write a C code of my algorithm, can I use it under Python? Should I really do that?!! Well, without being an expert in programming, I believe my experience can enlighten these questions, if not addressing them. This article also serves as a container for personal notes and reminders.

Semester project for EPFL students

We propose a semester project for EPFL students on “Visual Cues for Computer Aided Pronunciation Training (CAPT)”, a collaboration between the LTS5 and SpeedLingua. See here for details.

Reading the Bogdanov’s

I have just read “Le visage de Dieu”, by the Bogdanov brothers. Interesting! Although I would actually recommend the books by Stephen Hawking instead: they are less “oriented”. Indeed, my feeling about this Bogdanov’s book is that, beyond the words, the authors try to infer that there is something (or more likely “someone”) behind the […]