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Standalone apps

Just a few thoughts and logs for people who try (very hard) to make standalone versions of their programs, be it through statically linking or through packaging their python/matlab code. As of 2013.6.23, not much structure for this document. Ideal: compile for the target platform, static linking. This is, in principle, the most obvious way […]

HTKInPy, a python wrapper for HTK

Introduction I decided to write a wrapper for HTK, in order notably to be able to launch and use HTK to: Extract features, Train GMM/HMM’s, Classify/Recognize. This is the second time I am trying to use HTK. The first time, I mainly used the tutorial in order to get familiar with it. I ended up […]

Technical Interview: Parenthesis Problem

Problem Statement: I recently went through an interview process, for a software engineer position, during which the interviewer asked me to solve the following problem: Given N parenthesis, write a program that outputs all the valid parenthesis combinations. Explanations: Of course, for N odd, the program should output some error message. For N=2, the program […]