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Source separation examples

Sound Examples Examples of separated lead and accompaniment from musical excerpts by my separation systems (see Section References, as well as my research webpage):

What is perfection, anyway?

I just saw a tweet from JJ Acouturier (@jjtokyo), re-tweet from someone else, linking to the following editorial article. The original tweet by was: ACM CCR had *no* peer-reviewed papers in July — all were rejected! The editor’s critique of reviewing is a must-read: ccr.sigcomm.org/online/files/p… I thought I could throw in some comments about what […]

HTKInPy, a python wrapper for HTK

Introduction I decided to write a wrapper for HTK, in order notably to be able to launch and use HTK to: Extract features, Train GMM/HMM’s, Classify/Recognize. This is the second time I am trying to use HTK. The first time, I mainly used the tutorial in order to get familiar with it. I ended up […]

New 2010 article

We are trying to publish one last thing about my PhD work, with Gaël Richard and Bertrand David, at the forthcoming IEEE journal on selected topics on signal processing, in the “Music Signal Processing” special issue. Edit (22/05/2011): the article got accepted! only need to correct some details and package all the necessary sources!